This study guide is part of a program that puts American Journalism Review into the hands of thousands of journalism students, at no charge to them. The cost of the program is underwritten by foundations and individuals who want to ensure that tomorrow's journalists understand today's journalism issues and challenges. The guide is intended to help journalism instructors integrate magazine topics into their lectures. Selected stories published during the school year will be highlighted with brief summaries, suggested questions for classroom discussion or essays, and links to additional readings.

The California wild fires of 2007 / Courtesy David S. Roberts on wikipedia
The progress of wild fires was tweeted on a Los Angeles Times Twitter stream in October 2007. See the April-May classroom tutorial for more on how Twitter is being used journalistically. (Photo courtesy David S. Roberts)

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Teachers' guide written and produced for the Web by Chris Harvey, online bureau director at the University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism and a former managing editor of AJR.

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